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Conduzca su estrategia comercial, tanto en España como en el extranjero, con la información disponible para más de 70 países.

  • Los informes FACET contienen datos de rendimiento específicos del país desde 2009 hasta el actualidad.
  • Otros informes contienen información y análisis sobre diversos temas dentro de la industria mundial de servicios de alimentación y hotelería.
  • Utilice filtros para buscar en nuestra biblioteca o permítanos crear un informe personalizado basado en sus especificaciones.

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    Europeans and the healthy lifestyle

    In a context where consumers are paying more and more attention to the environment, a large number of them are adopting an ”environmentally friendly” behavior. They recycle, buy more or less products with plastic packaging, become ...

    3 000 

    European Consumers Favorite Desserts

    Today, we have the opportunity to consume desserts everywhere: bakeries, supermarkets, gas stations, restaurants, etc. This study allows us to see the penetration of each type of outlet in Europe and provides information on the mo ...

    2 400 

    Sharing plates, Tapas & Finger Food

    A complete survey conducted by CHD Expert in France on sharing plates, platters (charcuterie, cheese), tapas, mini-portions & small bites. This study includes a market overview, a consumer survey and a quantitative and qualitative ...

    2 400 

    Digital in Foodservice

    Included in this study is an introduction to digital in France, a mapping of today’s digital players in Foodservice and a survey on French consumer usage of digital solutions. We also conducted the survey with operators of full se ...


    The European Lunch Break

    Budget, places of consumption & frequency, break duration, popular dishes, perception & habits… Every European country has its specific features when it comes to the Lunch Break! CHD Expert conducted the survey in Europe, in Franc ...

    2 400 

    Fast Casual in France

    A complete dossier on Fast Casual in France carried out in June 2016, for an overview of this new trend. Find a market focus, a consumer and restaurateur survey, including the full conclusions of our experts, oriented towards manu ...


    France's favourite desserts

    Eclairs, pies, chocolate cake, crème brûlée ... The French are crazy about desserts! Discover through this study an overview of the current market, a consumer survey and a survey of restaurant owners. Bon appétit!


    Los españoles y los lugares de consumo fuera del hogar

    Foco en los hábitos fuera del hogar de los españoles en la comida, la cena y en global (cuota de mercado y frecuencia) y los lugares de consumo.



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